Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mother Son Relationship

A mother has undying love for her children. Her presence itself deeply affects the entire life of her little one. Our mother is the first woman in our life and cannot be replaced by anyone. Though a mother loves all her children equally, despite distinction of sex, it has been seen often that a daughter is always more attached to her father, while a son is closer to his mother. A mother's love always makes her son stronger as well as balanced in his life. While a father makes his son strong enough to fight with the world, it is the mother who teaches him when and where to think from his heart.

The most delicate aspect of mother and son relationship comes, when another woman enters into his life, either as a girlfriend or as a wife. This is the time, when almost every mother starts feeling insecure and becomes apprehensive. From being the only woman in her son's life, she has to share the affection with someone, who is as important in her son's life as she is. This is the time for the son to make his mother understand that she has and will always be the most special person in his life and that someone else can never take her place. On the other hand, a mother should also understand that she has to stop holding on to her son all the time and let go of him.

There is a thin line between love and dominance. When the love turns into domination, it is then that the mother son relationship starts turning strenuous. The delicate balance of a mother and son relationship should always be maintained and the effort should be from both the sides. A mother should never interfere in her son's life, but at the same time, she should always be there when he needs her. Similarly, a son should never take his mother's love for granted and should always give her due respect. To get some tips on how to strengthen a mother-son bond, browse through the following lines.

Tips To Strengthen the Mother Son Bond
  • Communication holds the key for any relationship and a mother-son bond is no exception. Conversing with one another can prove to be very beneficial as well as advantageous.
  • Listening is another important aspect of a bond. A mother should listen to ever thing that her child says to her, even if it sounds silly and stupid. On the other hand, a son should listen to whatever advice or suggestion that his mother gives. He should realize that whatever she is saying is for his own benefit.
  • Right from the beginning, teach your child what is right and wrong or what is expected from him or what is not. This way you are sure to face fewer trifles with him, when he becomes a mature adult.
  • Every son looks at his mother as a best secret sharer. To be his confidante, every mother should build in confidence and make her son get that feeling that she is the best person he can look up to.
  • Remember, action speaks louder than words. You need to set a perfect example for your son, because that is the only way he would look up to you as a role model.

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