Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A love poem for no one

When I look into your eyes
I can see the joy inside
But also the fear you hide
The fear of me saying goodbye
So I’d like you to know
When I look into your soul
I think about the future
And I see no distant end
You are more than just my lover
You are my new best friend
Although i can’t express to you
In words just how I feel
I care for you immensely
And all of this is real.


Heartbreaks don’t only come once in a while, you get heart broken when you have high hopes and dreams about something one minute, and in just the flash of a second you’re let down. And all that you wished for comes crashing down so you have nothing else to look forward to in the morning. The one person who made your life worth living for is gone and leaves you with nothing but memories, no sign of caring, sympathy and just a memory of their face. When you can do nothing but watch them walk away and no matter how much you ask for them to return, they continue walking. When you’re so used to them being a part of your daily life so when they’re gone you feel nothing but emptiness and that you’re incomplete. Like you can’t breathe without them being beside you or having them there with you. How they no longer belong to you & you’re left answering your own questions about what went wrong. How it feels wrong that you’re not on your own and you’re missing a part of your life. Like you’ve let yourself down because the one person you lived for is no longer with you. Like when you care for someone so much it hurts to care anymore than you already do. But when they’re gone the pain just can’t compare to how much it hurt when you had the one person, how it hurts to the point where you don’t know what the point is to live anymore. To get up in the morning and go on with your life but at night it’s hard for you to sleep because you’re so used to having communications with that person before bed. And when you finally fall asleep you don’t wanna wake up because you’ve realized that now your dreams are so much better than reality. Because before you met this person, you dreamed about all that you ever wanted and when you found them, all your dreams came true. And reality was better than your dreams. And now that they’re gone you realized that you’re right back where you started because now your heart is broken, dreams are better than reality.

Cupid Doesn't Have a Clue by Arky Mendoza

This story is completely true, however, name's have been changed to protect anonymity. I was there and made it happen myself. It starts out with my own love story. A romantic relationship that has since died.

My girlfriend of two months went away to the UK to see family, and we decided we were serious enough to wait for each other to return. She was to be gone 7 weeks, which turned into 3 whole months of only getting to see and talk to each other on-line and over the phone. It was difficult, but we managed.

A friend of mine, Krystal, invited me and a few others out nightclubbing while Renee was away. I brought my friend Hamish along because it was how we rolled. Best friends through anything.

My friend was feeling really down that he'd just had to break a girl's heart by telling her he wasn't attracted to her, and after a few drinks, he seemed to get a little down. I resolved that we hit the dancefloor, where the music was loud enough and the lights bright enough that we could just party on and not worry.

After what seemed like only moments, krystal was dragging me over with her to dance, and she was getting very seductive with her body language, which made me back off. She got me to dance with her no less than three times, but as I kept backing off, she got the hint.

My friend seemed a mite interested in Krystal, and I began to push them together...literally. I pushed Hamish into Krystal's personal space where she dragged him straight in to dance. it didn't take long for them to retire to "the wall" where they proceeded to lock lips and get a little bit more amiable towards each other.

We all got cabs home, and I talked to Hamish the next day. Apparently he wouldn't have sex with her and they were having a date the following week...

...They'll have been together for two years and engaged for six months this July.